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Clear Vis

Clear Vis : 10ml drop per bottle.

A treatment, for bacterial infections of the eye, including cloudy eye.

Treatment Anaesthetise fish, cover with damp towel leaving head uncovered. A helping hand is advisable to restrain fish if there is a sudden movement.

Dosage 2-3 drops onto the eye, not touching eye with dropper. Use “clean” cotton bud to spread “drops” over eye, gently wiping eye. Treat both eyes, return fish to pond for recovery. Treatment may be used up to 3 times a week, for a maximum of 2 weeks.


Gill Wash

Gill Wash : 10ml dropper bottle.

A Roccal based product, used for the purpose of cleaning congested gills of excess mucus, particulate matter etc, and at the same time a general treatment for gill infections, due to Roccals anti septic nature.

Dosage 2 drops per gallon of pond water in a koi bowl/plastic bag. Place fish in bowl for 10 minutes aerate if possible, and cover bowl to prevent fish from escaping. Observe fish to assess mucus and particulate matter removed from the gills and monitor fish behaviour (move koi to and from pond via a koi sock) Return fish to pond after 10 minutes.



Spot On

Spot On :10ml dropper bottle

A first aid solution for small wounds, just a couple of drops onto the affected area, and massage in, gently with a cotton bud. To be used on a wound that has just happened. Where there is a raised scale just appearing, just apply there is no need to use a sealer. (If the wound area is an infected site, then the full treatment will be required Stage 1,2,and 3).  Use sealer if skin has been broken, after the application of spot on.

(This may be applied whilst fish is in the net if 2 persons are present. If the fish is large, or unmanageable then it is advisable to anaesthetise fish first.

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